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I have been providing interior and exterior painting and decorating services for over 15 years. Throughout this time the nature of decorating has changed considerably and each year new products and practices continually push the industry forward. There are, however, three key things that will always remain central to the service I provide.



There is an old adage that stands the test of time, 'it's all in the preparation'. No matter what the job entails one of the most important aspects of painting and decorating is ensuring the surface, or substrate, is sound. This is as true for decorating a feature wall, as it is to painting the exterior of a period property. Correct preparation ensures a longer lasting and superior finish every time. Like any project, if you start with a solid foundation then the rest will follow. If you cut corners then you start from a point of compromise. Why compromise? Painting and decorating has an order and excellent preparation is the first step in providing a professional job.


Preparation is also the messiest part of painting and decorating - sanding, dust, noise. I understand how stressful it can be to have work carried out in your home and the importance of being sensitive to this. I'm disciplined in how I carry out each job - sheeting up the areas I'll be painting (outside or in), protecting furniture and possessions, clearing up at the end of each day and returning the space to how it was. There will be some disruption but the aim is for it to be minimal at all times.



Having a good knowledge of available painting products and then selecting the appropriate material is an essential part of decorating. At each stage from preparation to application, maintenance to protection - it is important to understand what has been used before, what to use on top of existing substrates and equally how to use it. There can be a big difference in quality, cost and performance of different paints and products. Using my experience I can help you choose the most suitable decorating materials for the task in hand.


For example, if you were looking to paint a nursery for a baby I would recommend using suitable natural or eco paints for walls and woodwork that contain zero VOCs and low odour. This would limit the gases emitted from the paint and minimise any potential health risks. Alternatively, if you needed to redecorate an older property with lime render on the exterior walls I'd use a breathable limewash paint - whereas if I were painting a new-build with cement based render situated near the sea, I'd use a specialist paint with a silicate base. The examples go on, but as you can see make a real difference in providing a professional finish.


Peace of mind

Most people have, unfortunately, had dealings with tradesmen where expectations have not been met, the work hasnt lasted, or at worst damage has been done to possessions or property. I've remedied 'botched' work in the past and also priced against people who are obviously not going to carry out the job as quoted and subsequently cut corners for a quick turnaround. If you use Kaleidoscope for your painting and decorating you can rest assured that this will never happen.


In order to offer the best service possible, I believe it is important to fully understand a clients requirements, to provide a clear quotation for all stages of the work with suitable timescales, and also to discuss any potential issues and agree solutions prior to starting the work. For both private domestic and commercial contract clients I have public liability insurance to the value of £2million.








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Services include:


Arranging appropriate safe access for painting including towers, scaffolding and working with cherry pickers


Painting single rooms/whole properties/residential blocks


Eco friendly painting


Specialist paints- e.g. anti grafitti, high humidity, high traffic areas


Stain blocking and remedying damaged painted areas


Painting furniture /kitchen units


Paint stripping


Floor painting




Painting iron/metal work




Kaleidoscope provides traditional and contemporary interior and exterior painting and decorating for both domestic and commercial clients. I specialise in eco friendly paint & Venetian Polished plaster/Otto Cento (this page under construction).